Sunday, May 31, 2009

What a month!

Our second anniversary was actually May 26th, so I'm a few days late with this post. This picture is actually from May 25th. We celebrated a day early for the same reason that this post is a few days late. I was in San Francisco from the 26th until yesterday, the 30th, for a training. But... we got some adorable with a capital A pictures... that would make them Adorable, so I thought I'd post one.

But then I got to thinking and realizing that I never posted any of the pictures from the REALLY big event this month. One might think that nothing could be bigger than a 2-year anniversary, and normally one would be right; however, law school graduations do not come around that often. Dave did it! With bells on, he finished a gruesome three-year program. [He didn't actually have bells on, but he did have a hood, honor cords, and a lei. My dad bought him a lei (unfortunately, my dad didn't make the hilarious, "You've just been lei'd" joke when bestowing the lei upon Dave) and we all made him wear it for as much of the day as possible!], so he had other objects instead of any bells.

Anywho... it was a very busy, but very wonderful month. Way to go, Dave - on becoming a lawyer and sustaining a marriage to a fabulous woman for two years!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

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