Sunday, February 1, 2009

My First Knitting Project

I don't know why, but back in November, I decided I wanted to see if I could pick up knitting. I bought a $5 kit on sale at Michael's that provided me with two sets of knitting needles, other accoutrements like stitch markers and stitch counters, and a book of simple projects. I began making the scarf - I figured that would be the easiest one with which to begin . I also used Youtube videos quite heavily when I got confused with stitch directions.

I really thought highly of myself when I began and even ran out and bought more yarn in hopes of finishing my project and making a scarf for my mom for Christmas. By the time Christmas came and went, I was maybe halfway done with my own scarf. Finally about a week ago, I finished the darned thing. This project took me nearly three months to complete! I couldn't believe it. I felt I was a reasonably paced knitter, so I don't know why it took so long.

Anyway, as you can see, I have posted some fabulous pictures of this scarf. First though, some disclaimers about the modeling photos. #1) It's Superbowl Sunday, okay? If I can't dress casually on Superbowl Sunday, when can I dress casually? Therefore, please look beyond the boyish, short-sleeved, grey t-shirt. #2) Picture number one shows me in an annoyed state with my cameraman, David Gamble. He decided to cease counting off, and instead decided to just take pictures willy-nilly. #3) Picture number 2 is me trying to make up for picture number 1 by appearing extra happy with my new scarf. Finally, #4) Picture number 3 shows me in the way I will most likely be wearing my scarf, as I generally wear most scarves this way. My expression is intended to show you how warm I am at that very moment!

Lastly, I wanted to share how this scarf also works unisexually. Don't let the color mislead you. It's less a pink, and more of a salmon, if you ask me.


midgie mom said...

I'm laughing out loud even as I write this. You two have way too much fun with this blog thingy. omg, omg...too funny. cute scarf but the pics are even better.

TheMonth said...

First the pink quilt on the bed, now the pink scarf on Dave...*sigh* Dave, if you're reading this, I feel for you, buddy. No wonder you took your wedding ring off that night!! He he he.

Rosco said...

Ok, I'm going to try this again... The best pictures with the scarf are you, Les, with your eyes closed and Dave fashioning the scarf (is this haw the law school he is attending is teaching him to dress for court?) And, the color is PINK! I think your blog should also portray how wonderful Dachshunds are - God's favorite dog!

heatlight said...

Love the pictures. I think my favorite is the one of Dave. I think this scarf turned out much better than the "scarf" you made me in Jr. High. Atleast this one is straight and more than 1.5 inch wide.

P.S. Salmon my ars, it's pink.

Sara McGinness said...

you are so awesome at knitting and well I am sad to say that I have been doing it for years and I suck. btw, I love the pictures of you and dave- hilarious.