Monday, January 4, 2010

the BEST hot chocolate!

NaBloPoMo's theme for the everyday blogger in January is "Best." You don't have to write on the theme, but it's supposed to help on farty brain nights.

As it is 8:27PM, and I am ALREADY tuckered out... I thought I would take a picture of the BEST hot chocolate I'm about to consume.

You see, you start out with a large mug - preferably one that says "Hawaii" on it. One that says "San Diego" is also acceptable. You empty one of those cheap-o hot chocolate packets into the mug - Sunny Select if I had my druthers. Pour boiling water over the top of it, but people... only fill the cup about 2/3 full... else wise your hot chocolate is way too watery! You then pile HEAPS of mini-marshmallows on top.

Voila! Consume while your husband is playing DJ Hero and dominating the only television in the house.

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Sara McGinness said...

yay for doing nablopomo!!! I love it and I think this is a great blog post. hilarious.