Sunday, January 3, 2010

If you had to roll around naked in food... this dish would be what you choose.

Holiday Chex Mix is what I call it. I felt it needed a better name than "Cereal Treat," as my grandmother had christened it. I know the holidays are technically over, but we missed Christmas morning (you know, what with being in Hawaii and what not), so we're headed over to Dave's parents tonight to exchange gifts. We are dirt poor right now (you know, what with being in Hawaii and what not), so I thought I would distract attention from our chintzy gifts by making my favorite holiday candy-ish type of stuff.

The following ingredients combine together in a celestial way:

8 cups of Corn Chex
Gluten free!

The most delicious of cereals.
9 cups please.

2 cups of Flaked Coconut - sweetened. Did you know that coconut isn't actually that sweet? All my life I've been thinking the coconut that comes out of bags like these is what coconut tastes like! But my friend Gloria taught me that it's not! This stuff is sweetened! Some real light bulbs went off when I learned that little secret.

The recipe actually calls for slivered almonds, but I think sliced almonds are prettier. You're technically supposed to put one cup of almonds in, and this bag is just barely over half a cup. But nuts are expensive. And as mentioned in paragraph uno... we're poor as ish right now.

Dump it all together in a big fat bowl.

Then mix it up - don't be lazy.

This cellulite-ridden concoction includes the following three ingredients: 3/4 cup butter, 1 cup Karo Syrup, and 1 cup sugar. Stir it together and make it boil for two minutes.

Then dump it over the top of the cereal mixture. I dump a little at a time, stir, little at a time, stir, little at a time, stir.

Then spread it out on two cookie sheets to "cool." Or become crispified... whatever you'd like to call it.

And then eat. And thank the Lord. For he is indeed risen. This treat is proof of that.

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