Monday, December 1, 2008

Christmas and stockings!

So I finished making stockings for our entire family! By our family I mean mine and Dave's. And by family, I mean me, Dave, Danny, and Pearl. Look!

I must say, I'm quite proud of myself. I did this without a pattern... not that it's much of a feat, but I will brag about it anyway. If you'll look closely, you'll notice Dave's stocking has a scalloped edge on the cuff. Neat, huh?

Last night we bought Home Alone from Target and watched it while we decorated for Christmas. Well, I mean I decorated for Christmas while Dave claimed he was too busy studying for finals to join me. Very rude. He claims I suffer from "Finals Amnesia" and therefore can't remember from semester to semester how he can't seem to participate in anything except sitting at his desk and reading books/typing outlines/reciting memorized outlines back to himself. Hey, change of subject, but here's a close-up of the doggies' stockings. Aren't they fabulous? Look at the wittle paw print fabric and the wittle hearts I put on the wittle paw print fabric! I know whose getting two seemingly big juicy bones but in actuality two teeny juicy bones for Christmas...

Danny and Pearl!

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Sara McGinness said...

ah-mazing! I am so impressed that you did those without a pattern and they look the same! If I did it my stockings would be all different sizes. The fabric is great.

I love the new blog layout and am so glad you are blogging, you have no idea (maybe I can actually learn how to use my sewing machine from your blog? maybe?)