Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Pearl the Rascally Chi-Pin

Dave and I have a new problem.

It was weird. Pearl often jumps up on our bed at very wee hours of the morning (like around 5:30) - when she is ready for her breakfast. It's pretty funny because she's so tiny, and we actually have a pretty high bed, so often times we'll hear a running start, then a thump as she hits the side of the bed. She doesn't wait too long until she tries again and is successful. We have discouraged this behavior from the start because we don't want our doggies sharing the bed (except on the rare nights when Dave is out of town... then I don't mind so much.).

Well, anyway, she's been doing this more and more, so Dave and I have been concerned because one of the biggest problems with little dogs as they age is joint problems due to jumping down seemingly low surfaces. So I've been mildly concerned.

The weird part is that the other day I said to Dave, I says, "I wonder why we don't come home and find her just hanging out on our bed." I should have knocked on wood because when we came home that day, she was on the bed! Now it's becoming a habit apparently! Here is Pearl yesterday while Dave and I were eating breakfast:

She knows she's not supposed to be on the bed because as soon as you even say, "Pearl!" She flops back on her back and exposes her belly while frantically wagging her tail. She's more trying to hide under the blanket in this one:

So now I'm torn. I don't like her little puppy legs already accruing joint damage! But I don't want to buy a set of doggie stairs because then it's just encouraging this darned behavior! But I don't want an arthritic 15-year-old mutt shuffling across my floor when I'm 40! If she were just 3 pounds smaller, like Danny, she would've given up trying to jump on high surfaces ages ago!


misslucy said...

ohhhhh,that's the afghan I made for you in middle school or was it earlier than're all grown up now.

heatlight said...

I think what you've got here is a case of a cold little dog. Obviously your little rat needs a sweater and is trying to burrow in your bed to keep warm! You should knit them a sweater or better yet a nice jean jacket embellished with quilting squares and puffy paint.