Monday, December 15, 2008

English Toffee = Absolutely Fabulous

I tried this recipe from Elsie Marley's blog. It was fargin' delicious and easy! I highly recommend it to all. Here is one of the pictures... the rest of mine turned out hideously ugly, so I'll let you look at Elsie Marley's blog (I don't feel comfortable enough yet to call her just by her first name) because she has better pics.

This is right as the toffee reached "Soft Crack" at 290 degrees. Mmmm... smell that yummy nuttiness.

Stay tuned for blogging awesomeness on Thursday evening! I have to wait until after our staff Secret Snowperson party.

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gopack74 said...

That little Pearl is so darn cute it would be hard not to let her on the bed for a snuggle. Boo likes to jump in bed with his Mom and Dad. We love it and it is called "family time". However, we don't want Dave to have an asthma attack from pets on the sheets.