Thursday, December 18, 2008

This year's Christmas wall-hanging

I always have great aspirations to make many Christmas-themed projects during the holiday season, but I usually end up only completing one. This year I made a Christmas wall-hanging for my Secret Snowperson. I wouldn't have put nearly as much effort into this gift, but I happen to really like the person whose name I picked.

Therefore, I made a three-squared wall-hanging. Two of the squares (the tree and the present) were paper-pieced. Every time I paper-piece, I love it! I always ask myself, "Could I make a whole quilt out of paper-pieced blocks? Would I have the patience?"

Here are some pictures of my paper-piecing progress on the tree block.

After I assembled all of it, I got a little panicky... I think just because I'm giving it away. Usually my wall-hangings don't make me so nervous. One thing I changed... I didn't really think it looked Christmas-y enough, so I added ornaments and garland to the middle block - the tree.

And here's the finished project:

If only I had a picture of Traci's face when she saw it. Unless she was faking those happily watered eyes!

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gopack74 said...

I never fake watery eyes. It is the most lovely wall hanging ever