Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Douglas Yancey Funnie's "Quailman"

I want to stay on the theme of "Heroes" as much as possible this month, but I nearly found myself already unable to think of a good hero. I decided to go through as many cartoon heroes as I could. I first thought of Bartman, then wondered... does the Bartman count as a hero? I decided he did, so look forward to a future post on the topic.

My mind then went to Quailman. The alter-ego of Doug Funnie from the originally Nickelodeon show, "Doug." He was a much purer alter-ego than the Bartman. He doesn't think doing the Quailman will make you "bad like Michael Jackson." But he does defend the world from evil using his three powers - patience, intelligence, and speed. When those powers failed, he used his Quail Eye - a beam of fire that shot out from his eyes. He had more control of his Quail Eye than Cyclops had of his Quail Eye apparently.

Let's not forget Quaildog... Quailman's trusty companion.

And on this topic... I loved the show Doug so much. When it went to ABC... it began to suck. They got a new theme song! What could be better than "doot doo doo, doo doo doo doo do doo do doo?" Patti got a new haircut! Roger got rich! Voices changed and everything! I'm angry!

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heatlight said...

What about Quailman's underwear always being exposed?? That's a little iffy.
Remember how you have a hard time when things change or people grow up and move on from... jr. high.