Thursday, June 4, 2009


I lost already. I don't think NaBloPoMo hosts a contest, necessarily, but if they did, I would have lost.

I forgot to blog yesterday. Here is NaBloPoMo's official policy on mistakes such as these:

"8. My cat died/my boyfriend asked me to marry him/I just spent the night in the hospital and I missed posting for a couple of days. Can I just post a little extra this month to make up for the missing days so I can still be eligible for the prize drawing?

First of all, I'm so sorry/congratulations/I hope you get well soon. Secondly, no. If I let you skip a couple of days then I'd have to let everybody post whenever they felt like it, and that would defeat the whole purpose of NaBlo which is to get you to sit down and write something every day. If there's one thing I've learned from all this it's to post as early in the day as you can. You'll catch more readers that way (most blog reading gets done at lunchtime), and you won't have to worry about posting something lame after work when you're tired, or accidentally forgetting to post at all.

I know we're all feeling really bummed right now, especially after all the great times we've had together during the first two days of June. I'd like to give this final gift to you: a song I feel all of our hearts are singing already. The Muppets might be a tad distracting, given our sad state of affairs and their naturally cheerful aura. Just try to concentrate on the melody.


Anonymous said...

Hellooo Leslie!!! Very very nice blog!! And beautiful pictures! Do you know that I cant watch the you tube you post beacuse its not in my "domain"...that sucks! And yes I have longer hair now....I kind of like it :) and it will continue to grow...How is your tiny dog doing???

HUGS abd kisses!!


mariposa said...

Hi! Um, I can't actually watch the video that you posted because it's not available in my country. So bad.
Anyway, nice blog :)

Mariposa's Tales NaBloPoMo June '09