Monday, June 1, 2009

NaBloPoMo Day 1

First, a shout-out to Sara McGinness - without whom I would not have heard of NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month). The theme for June is Heroes, and I thought that sounded semi-inspiring; therefore, I will be blogging everyday in the month of June, y'all! It is not required to stay on theme, and I haven't yet made up my mind on whether or not I will do so. However, my first post is very much on the topic of heroes. Superheroes, that is.

I completed The Superhero Quiz last night to prepare myself for the month of June. I was pleased to find this quiz to be very comprehensive - not one of those lame quizzes on facebook that any fool can create. No, this one seemed nearly empirically based. It consisted of 47 questions regarding individualized opinions on important components of Superhero-dom. I completed the quiz.

I am Iron Man. I consider these results to be quite sound because I remember taking a Superhero quiz a few years ago and getting the same result. It wasn't nearly as scientific as this one, but the shared results might still leave one pondering. In case any of you were wondering, the three descriptors of Iron Man are "Inventor, Businessman, Genius." Just change that to Businesswoman, and it's like I'm looking in a mirror, right?!

I further explored the site and took a poll regarding one's favorite Superhero. First, I was surprised by the plethora of Superheroes out there, many of whom I have never heard (Deadpool? Elektra? Hawkman?). Enter Special Commentary #1 from my spouse, David Gamble, Jr: "Deadpool is now likely best known as being portrayed by Ryan Reynolds in the movie, 'X-Men Origins: Wolverine.' However, unlike Ryan Reynolds, Deadpool almost always wears a full-body jump suit and a mask... You're impressed, aren't you?"

I picked my favorite Superhero - Wolverine. I had to pick a second favorite, and it was tough. I'm not a big Superhero fanatic, unlike my husband, and... I basically picked Wolverine because Hugh Jackman is a lovely man at which to gaze. I think I picked Batman as my second favorite. I clicked "submit" to see what I thought would be expected results.

Oddly enough... Green Lantern is the favorite Superhero. I knew I had heard of Green Lantern before but needed a refresher. Enter Special Commentary #2 from my spouse, David Gamble, Jr: "There's a couple Green Lanterns. Which one do you want to know about? Oh yeah, one of them was black, I forgot about that... but the main one, I actually can't remember his name... grey-haired guy... also, a good reference site would be Marvel Vault, oh, except Green Lantern is DC, so you couldn't use that site."

Hmm, Special Commentary #2 was not nearly as coherent as Special Commentary #1. I couldn't find a comparable "DC Vault," so I had to resort to the Green Lantern's wikipedia entry. Warning: It is reaaaalllly boring. He (they) looks like an exciting enough guy, but apparently there is the intergalactic police force, the Green Lantern Corps, that each Green Lantern is obliged to be a part of; magic rings that have to be granted by Guardians of the Universe to each potential Green Lantern; required philanthropic membership in various Justice Lagues; blah, blah, blah. Why in the world is this the most highly regarded Superhero (at least according to nearly 32,000 votes)?

It is for reasons like these that I'm glad I'm Iron (Wo)Man at heart. Just a coo' guy, trying coo' stuff, killing off bad guys. No extra community service necessary because I am already bestowing much goodness on the world.

Again I'll say it... that quiz seemed nearly empirically based.

The End.


heatlight said...

I was expecting a post about your mom being your hero with "Wind Beneath My Wings" playing in the background.

Midge said...

Heather, you are so kind and discerning. You are able to see who the True Heroes of this world are....Mothers!

Apes said...

Wow, what can I say? I am speechless...

PS - I am Superman.

Applying My Heart To Understanding said...

Hey Les Great Blog! I do not know how to all the stuff you do Picture and stuff on my blog yet I need help.

My super heroe is not very Super but he Is way cooler then Iron man...John Wayn.... Got to love em.

God Bless

Sara McGinness said...

thanks for the shout out, I have no clue why your blog is not showing up in my reader so I am WAY BEHIND. I am going to try to fix this. Also, I am loving the new blog layout and the header. You are rockin' the blog.